How To Be A Wedding Photographer

Getting into wedding photography is another way to earn big while working on your own. You won’t have any bosses in the office that you need to answer to if you become a wedding photographer. You can maximize your time well. Here’s how to be a wedding photographer.


Get your camera

What does every photographer need?  A good DSLR camera with different lenses is a must for a photographer.  Some photographers started with just one camera and some even used their phones. You can good shots using a DSLR camera. It is even easier to work on the pictures when you need to edit some of them afterwards. Owning your camera is your first step in becoming a wedding photographer. You will not be able to hone your skills if you don’t get your camera to get started.

Get some experience

Get some experience before you even ask a professional photographer to help you out.You can volunteer shooting for a family or a friend’s wedding. You can try taking photos of other events aside from weddings while getting some experience. Keep your shots on file because you might need it later to compare your latest to your old shots. It is one way of gaining some experience on what angle is best and how will you work with the lighting.

Assist a professional

A professional wedding photographer seldom accepts someone he doesn’t know as a second shooter. Do not assume that you are giving them a favor by working for them without any fees. A professional photographer prides their brand, and they don’t want just anyone taking pictures and making a mess on a wedding photo shoot. Find a professional that is okay with you tagging along. Be ready to assist by carrying bags, holding equipment and organizing people.

Create a portfolio

Wedding photographers need a good portfolio to show to their future clients. Choose the pictures you will put in your portfolio. It should show the beautiful shots you’ve got as well as show how flexible you are as a wedding photographer. You should show shots from preparation, ceremony until the reception showing how particular you are in details. You should start building your portfolio now because it will increase your credibility while presenting to your future clients.

Advertise yourself

If you want to increase your market as a wedding photographer, advertise yourself. There are many ways to advertise. Your friends and family could be a reliable people who will refer you to others. Building an online presence thru social media and professional sources like LinkedIn could improve your image. Make your blog for people to follow. Customers that are looking for a professional photographer often research online first. They might just accidentally stumble upon your blog.

Your way to becoming a wedding photographer starts by getting your camera. Get some experience and assist a professionalwedding photographer to enhance your skills. Create a portfolio and advertise yourself if you want to gain more clients.