Ten Wedding Ring Photo Ideas

Your wedding ring deserves to be a center of photography during your wedding. There many ways to make your platinum wedding ring look romantic on the photos. Here are ten wedding ring photo ideas.


Emphasize the wedding day

Make your ring show that your countdown for the wedding day is over by putting it on the calendar. The ring should be centered on the date of the wedding. It’s just like encircling an important date on the calendar; you just do it with your ring. Placing the ring on the newspaper date is also a great idea.

Ring and bouquet

You can tie the ring to face that is tied around the bridal bouquet. You can lay those dear rings in the middle of the blooms of your bridal bouquet. Your ring on your finger will be emphasized as you hold the bouquet of flowers

Exchange of rings

One of the most awaited parts of the wedding is the exchange of rings. As you become husband and wife, the camera will capture the moment as you put the rings on each other’s fingers.

Up close

Zoom in the rings to get an up close shot. You will have the classic close-up shot of your wedding rings. Engraving on your rings will also be highlighted with an up close shot.

Ring and bridal gown

Put your ring on your finger, and the background would be your bridal gown. It gives the feeling of serenity with the white bridal ground. The bride can strike a pose while sitting down in her gown and her dainty fingers with the ring will be lightly touching her knees.

Ring and leaves

You can also emphasize the season where you got married. The ring can be placed on a lush, green leaf of spring. An autumn leaf will also be a colorful backdrop of your ring.

Ring and the Bible

If you want to have a traditional shot, the rings can be placed on top of a closed Bible. If you have a favorite Bible verse, the ring can be placed in the middle of the Bible that opens to the page where your favorite verse is.

Embrace with the ring

A candid show of love is something your ring can be a part of. Embrace your husband as the ring is focused on your fingers.

Shoes and the ring

You can use the bridal shoes simply by slipping your rings in the stilettos. The platinum ring will certainly shine.

Cork and the Ring

Save the cork of your first wine bottle as a couple. Place the rings on the cork to emphasize your intoxicating love for each other.

The above ten wedding ring photo ideas will let you experiment with different angles for your photos. Just be careful not to lose the platinum ring as you capture your amazing photos. All of the ideas are simple and easy for you to do. A little lighting with your camera and you will have memorable wedding ring photos to be proud of.