Tips On Wedding Photography Checklist

A simple wedding photography checklist is what you need to make sure you will not miss important shots. You can also have the checklist printed out and present it to your clients. The bride and groom might have personal preferences they want to be captured during their wedding. Hear out your clients because it is one way to make your wedding photography successful.


Group shots before the wedding

It is best to do the group shots before the reception because you can avoid situations where the people are already drunk and you might not have a good shot. The most important shots are the bride and the groom together and their parents. A group shot for the bride with her beautiful bridesmaids as well as the groom with his best man.


These are shots that are candid and usually framed and hanged on the wall. You can arrange the portraits to be done before the wedding. You can schedule a day just for portraits. Get a portrait of the bride in her wedding dress and another portrait of the groom. Portraits are the shots that need much preparation. You might need to have the makeup artist and stylist on standby to redo the makeup or assist your clients.

Before the wedding

You should be able to get into detail on the shots you will take before the wedding. The checklist should include the picture of the bride and the groom preparing. Capture the wedding dress as it laid waiting for the bride to put it on. It is also the time where you can take great photos of the bridal accessories like the jewelry, bouquet of flowers and shoes. The groom’s candid moments like putting on his necktie or bow are also added to the checklist

The wedding ceremony

Take a picture of the wedding venue first before too many people arrive. Capture each moment as the groom, and then the bride arrives at the venue. Shots of the bride walking on the aisle are some of the main shot taken. The kiss is also the most awaited part and always included in the checklist. Shots that also need to be taken are shots of the couple walking on the aisle after the ceremony and gets into the car.

Reception and after the wedding ceremony

You can go into detail on the shots at the reception with the cake and wine. Take shots of the couple talking among the guests. The dance and throwing of the bouquet are also included. You shall end when the couple leaves and gets into the car.

The group shots need to be confirmed with the couple before the wedding day. Portraits are important shots for a wedding. Capture the moments and scenes of the preparation for the ceremony.  Pictures of the special moments during the wedding ceremony are taken. The last part of the checklist is the end of day shots at the reception. Always confirm first with the couple if they want any additional shots before leaving the venue.